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Aussie Mushrooms (meat-free) Mushroom-packed Tacos

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time25 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time45 mins

Julian Cincotta Tacos

 200 g cup mushrooms
 200 g Swiss Brown mushrooms
 200 g flat mushrooms
 1 avocado
 1 bunch coriander
 1 bunch parsley
 1 bunch mint
 1 red onion
 1 jalapeño pepper
 2 lemons
 1 lime
 ¼ head iceberg lettuce
 ½ packet haloumi cheese
 Sour cream
 1 brown onion
 100 g (1 packet) taco seasoning mix (or make your own!)
 3 tbsp tomato passata sauce
 1 packet soft tacos
 Extra virgin olive oil
 1 avocado
 ¼ red onion – fine diced
 ½ jalapeño pepper – deseeded and fine chopped
 ½ cup coriander – fine chopped
 ½ cup continental parsley – fine chopped
 ½ cup round leaf mint – fine chopped
 ½ lemon juiced
 75 ml extra virgin olive oil
 Salt and pepper to taste
Tomato Salsa
 3 vine-ripened tomatoes – diced 5mm cubes
 ½ cup coriander – fine chopped
 ½ cup parsley – fine chopped
 ½ cup mint – fine chopped
 ½ red onion – fine diced
 75 ml extra virgin olive oil
 30 ml red wine or sherry vinegar
 Salt and pepper to taste

Shave lettuce lengthways and put in a serving dish


Slice red onion and put in a serving dish


Sour cream put in a serving dish


Pick the rest of the herbs, wash and have ready in a small serving dish


Steam Soft Tortillas ¾-inch in a tea towel in a steamer or wrapped in a microwave as per directions on the packet


Dice the avocado in 5mm cubes


Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl gently (do not mash, guacamole should have a nice texture not mush)


Season to taste and place in a serving dish

<br>Mixed Mushroom Taco Filling

Dice all the mushrooms, stalks and all, into 1cm cubes


Fine dice the brown onion and sauté in a pan on medium heat with olive oil and a pinch of salt. Once translucent, turn the heat up, add some extra olive oil and put your taco seasoning in (the extra oil is because the mushrooms will soak the oil up!), then throw your mushrooms in. If you have a small pan, do it in two batches.


Toss the mushrooms and once ¾ softened add the tomato passata sauce and leave for one minute till bubbling.


Season with extra salt, pepper and some lemon juice!

<br>Build your Taco

Add your condiments how you like and enjoy!

<br><h5 style="color: #000000">Recipe by Julian Cincotta</h5>
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