SupaPy ® , a compressed gas formulation insecticide based on natural pyrethrums recently changed its status with APVMA and moved from being able to be legally used in the mushroom industry via Permit to being registered.

The trials for the extra data that needed to be generated to make this step possible were conducted at the MLMRU (Marsh Lawson Mushroom Research Unit) in 2013. This trial and the residue testing attached to the trial were funded by levy funds with some contribution from Botanical Resources Australia Pty Ltd and of course BRA had to complete all the additional paperwork involved in the registration process.

The next step in this journey is that Permit 12172 currently held by the AMGA on behalf of the mushroom industry will need to be surrendered because there is now a product in this category registered the criteria for a minor use permit can no longer be fulfilled.

Permit 12172 will be surrendered by the AMGA in February 2017 so if you currently use Pestigas ® you need to manage your chemical stocks to have all this product used up by February 2017.

For further information please contact Judy Allan – 02 6767 1057 or via email – judyallan@bigpond.com.